Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Inspiral carpets on the plot

The allotment resembles a skip at times. Bedsteads, pallets, white plastic garden chairs slowly giving up to grey and one giant patchwork quilt of carpet... lots of it.

There's a suburban street full of carpet on our allotment, different shades, different styles, different layouts... from the super-neat (above)...

To the above, a hulking piece of soggy pastry covering a rectangular pie - in desperate need of knife to trim it off.

This one (above) is the allotment paying homage to Mondrian... or due to the lack of any flowers or veg have I just gone carpet crazy?

Still, not as crazy as the person who selected periwinkle purple shag for their home.

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  1. My granddad once carpeted our front lawn, but I have no idea why... can you shed any light? I'm liking the patchwork quilt arrangement in number 3.