Tuesday, 24 July 2012

A little love for mellow yellow

Well, the sun is shining finally and having already written about purple on the plot I thought it was time to give yellow some credit - and I have just discovered Hisptamatic.

1. Nasturtium petals - Alaska Mixed? Whiskey and Ice? I forget, but it's lovely, no?
2. Bright Lights Radishes - Yep, you know I love this type of radish - it's always nice to colour-coordinate your salad vegetables with the main dish. These are the yellow ones.
3. Cavalli Courgette flower - a male flower from one of two plants. I have never had enough courgette flowers to stuff and eat. Who does?
4. Allgold raspberries - these have done well so far this year but only a small handful at a time - certainly not enough for dessert. Just straight from cane to mouth as nature intended.
5. Cucumber flowers - snappy, bright yellow star shaped flower. The rampant cucumber vine is studded with them. I reckon the cucumber plant is an under rated looker of the plot.
6. Dahlia - the very first on my patch this year - a peach rather than yellow, really but I'm amazed it's survived given the onslaught of slugs. No idea what name this is as I was given a bunch of tubers destined for the compost heap by a grower and I didn't think to ask for an identity parade.
7. Nasturtium leaf - added here for working a two-tone lemon and lime look.

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