Sunday, 8 January 2012

Wind and Brussels Sprout recipes

With the strong winds and rain last week I headed to the allotment to check the damage. I feared the worst. The gales had been so bad on Thursday that my umbrella attacked me on Southwark Bridge as I walked to work. Blowing out on itself, and back in again in a rapid, flapping motion it was like fighting off a giant bat.

The allotment was fine though. In the past high winds have deposited a shed door and a garden table on my patch; this time I found just two empty packets of Wiskas. My shed was fine too. I was slightly disappointed. Having taken on a new plot I need to move the shed back at some point and could have done with the wind blowing it some of the distance for me.

Most of the action, if you can call it that, happened in the kitchen. Last time I asked for some inspiration for a bunch of home-grown, finger nail-sized Brussels Sprouts that wouldn't even feed a Smurf. I went with a suggestion from @claireasyliving in the February issue of Easy Living for Asian-style Brussels Sprouts. A little bit of ginger, a little bit of soy sauce and a sprinkle of sesame seeds.

I ate a batch on its own for supper with just a hunk of black pepper rye bread (home-made) to mop up the salty sauce. Just lovely and a revelation for someone who hasn't eaten a sprout on any other day other than the 25th December. I'm still waiting for @bigspud to post his recipe for Sproutotto, which will just about finish up this year's sprouts.

In the meantime I have several heads of white cabbage that I'm thinking of turning into sauerkraut. Anyone got a recipe for that?


  1. I thought 'Wind and Brussel Sprouts' was going to be about something completely different...

    That recipe looks really good, will be trying that. My sprouts were small this year, but I find them sweeter when they're like that.

  2. I do something similar to this but I shread the sprouts frist and also add some bean shoots too