Saturday, 7 May 2011

Slugs and radishes - a tragic tale

Something's been eating the radishes and broad beans. Lace-like holes have appeared in leaves and the Pink Slipper radishes look like they've been gnawed by a mouse.

On closer inspection I have discovered the culprit. Having a party inside a radish were two Lilliputian-sized slugs. Tiny, tiny things buzz-sawing through the flesh so the radishes resembled discarded apples cores.

Like a parent arriving back unexpectedly early to discover a rave in their home, I broke the whole thing up. The consequences were serious, very serious, nay fatal.

The slugs partied hard... and paid the price. I'll leave it there, but let this post be a warning to any other delinquent slugs who think they can try it on with me.

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